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Super Messenger allows users of your community to send Private Messages to each other similar to the Facebook concept.


Super Messenger is a powerful PMS, which gives the ability to your users to

  • send HTML messages,
  • embed images,
  • videos,
  • and even flash movies
to your messages!


Yet it is simple and easy-to-use, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, based on the success-proven concept of Facebook's messaging.


It is a stand-alone application, but also integrates seamlessly with

  • Community Builder,
  • JomSocial,
  • SuperGroups,
  • SuperEvents,
  • PUArcade,
  • Fireboard,
  • SimGallery,
  • and Kunena.


Especially Community Builder users will benefit greatly from the thoughtful cb-login module, the CB Super Messenger tab, and the Connections messaging features.
When viewing a profile, users will be able to send a private message without the need to redirect to a new page!

Now with another new feature: POKES! Now you may poke other users, just like in Facebook!
Go to other user-profiles and poke them! You can see who poked you on the Pokes-module. This feature is available only for CB! It is part of SuperMessenger, so you will have a 2-in-1 component!

SuperGroups users will be able to send private messages straight from the groups to other group members, and will love the additional features and functionality of Super Messenger, which will also display all group messages in the Inbox and Outbox, with the corresponding group name, linking back to the group's page!

SuperEvents features work in similar fashion!



  • a fast AJAX displayed frontend,
  • email notifications,
  • multiple recipients/thread feature, and
  • graphical user interface,
Super Messenger is the solution for the clever webmaster, who strives for user satisfaction and eye-candy tools!


Super Messenger is a Joomla!1.5 extension, comes with a single-domain license, and costs 19.- EUR



Joomla!1.5, Linux OS, PHP5+, MySQL4+, cURL library


Make your digital life easier!


FrontEnd Languages:

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!

Customer Feedback:
"I love this PMS, it gives a nice clean conversational flow to the messages with no fuss or rubbish in the way. Easy and obvious to use, all ajax, makes for happy conversations using it on my site :)."



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