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AXXIS Super Wall

Based on the successful concept of SuperActivity, this component will give you walls on user-profiles (both CB & JomSocial), and a general Super Wall page, to see all user-posts.

This should also make up for the gap the new JomSocial v2.2 has, as it doesn't feature user-walls anymore!

Complete with comments, like/unlike, privacy, and email notifications!

And the best part: Super Wall will work side-by-side with SuperActivity! If somebody posts something in SuperActivity, it will also be displayed in Super Wall.
If somebody posts something in Super Wall, it will also be displayed in SuperActivity.
That is, if you have enabled the What'sOnYourMind option in SuperActivity/SuperWall.

Another great feature is that past posts made with SuperActivity will be automatically recognized in Super Wall, and vice versa! So, you may install one component, use it for as long as you like, then if you decide to install the other one, you will immediately have data for your users to play with! Of course you can use both simultaneously.

Super Wall includes the What's On Your Mind PRO extension!*

Giving you the option to

  • attach images
  • attach links
  • attach videos
  • attach MP3 songs
  • attach documents (.doc, .pdf, etc)

in your status updates!


Super Wall includes also the Privacy Plugin that gives you even more options!*

  • now you can say what you like/unlike, just like in facebook!
  • you can now remove any of your posts that you don't want shared, permanently!
  • you can hide any other users' posts from your feed! These will not be removed, only hidden from you!


And finally, one of the most important features for any social-network, the Comments Add-On!*

This is also included in Super Wall, and gives you AJAX comments on posts, which update LIVE, similar to chat applications!**


*The What's On Your Mind, Privacy, and Comments extensions, don't require separate installations anymore. All installations are made by the central component installation!

**Tested so far in, FireFox, IE, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, iPhone Safari, and Symbian browser (Nokia N5800)


This software is an open-sourced, single-domain licensed product with the following requirements:

Joomla!1.5 or greater, Community Builder 1.2+ OR JomSocial, PHP5+, MySQL4+, cURL library


FrontEnd Languages:

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!

JomSocial Users:
a) it can replace the JS activities stream if you want, or have them both running simultaneously. It depends what you want.
b) It can be displayed on any module position you want, on its own page, and on the JomSocial Home page. It can even replace the default activities section of JomSocial with a little CSS fix.

We provide setup and CSS fix for replacing the JomSocial activities section free-of-charge.

Customer Feedback:
"I have downloaded and installed this extension, and love it. It you have a community driven site, this is a "must have"!
This extension shows the most recent community activity and can be configured to include some of the most popular components.
The support is first class, and the price is reasonable
Highly recommended."

SuperWall costs only 39.- euro and comes with a single domain license.

Demo JomSocial

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