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J!Photos Unlimited-Fields



With J!Photos Unlimited-Fields add-on, you can extend your album's info limitless, and meet exactly your needs for your social-network!

Create unlimited fields for your albums, with the use of:

  • radio buttons,
  • check-boxes,
  • select lists,
  • text inputs,
  • and textareas

There is no limit! Create as many fields you want and make a difference from all other social-networks!


J!Photos Unlimited-Fields add-on is an extension for J!Photos, and needs  J!Photos to be installed on your Joomla site!


J!Photos is an open-sourced product with the following requirements:

Joomla!1.5+, PHP5+, MySQL4+, cURL library


J!Photos Unlimited-Fields add-on comes with a single-domain license.



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