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J!Photos is the only (yes, ONLY) Joomla gallery system that was developed specifically with communities in mind, and is integrated seamlessly with Community Builder or JomSocial.

If you have a community site and looking for a way to allow your users to manage their photos and albums, J!Photos is not only your best choice, it is your only choice!

J!Photos provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create photo albums, join together with other users and generate content that is unique to their Album(s).

J!Photos features:

  • HTML album descriptions,
  • a News section for each album,
  • unlimited categories and sub-categories,
  • discussion boards with WYSIWYG options,
  • different types of albums & album subscribers,
  • option to create albums where all subscribers can upload photos, or personal only albums,
  • photo tagging of users, and custom tags,
  • compatibility with SuperMessenger and UddeIM PMS systems,
  • 2 plugins for Community Builder,
  • a plugin for JomSocial,
  • and an All-Around module,
that enhance the J!Photos user experience.

It comes packed with extra features, such as:

  • album invitations,
  • live comments,
  • album walls,
  • live discussion replies,
  • 3 types of albums(public, private, secret),
  • plus lots more!

J!Photos is a stand-alone application but it also provides total integration with the following Joomla! components (if they are present on your site):

J!Photos is the complete Joomla photo-album system! It is great for any social networking type of site, especially for those who are heavilly centered around user's photos.


For the first time:

  • Each album comes with its own description and recent news
  • Each album comes with its own wall and discussion board
  • Albums are categorized
  • Unlimited Category structure 
  • Each album can be public, private, or secret
  • Album owners can decide whether all subscribers can add photos, or only album-admins
  • Photos can be added to "Favorites"
  • Photos can be shared directly on 33 popular social-networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace
  • Facebook "Like", and "Tweet" button embedded for all photos
  • Photos can be rated
  • Photos can be commented on using live AJAX comments

  • Users can:
    • Create/Delete/Edit albums
    • Upload multiple photos at a time (JPG, PNG, GIF)
    • Edit/Delete multiple photos at a time
    • Specify a photo to be the album cover
    • Comment photos and albums
    • Discuss albums
    • Rate photos
    • Set a photo as display picture (avatar)
    • Download photos
    • Flag photos as inappropriate
    • Tag people in photos
    • Complete permissions system (Public, Private, Secret)
    • Control who can view their albums and photos!
    • Complete notification system
    • Search photos, albums, comments, and discussions!
    • Fully supports Community Builder and JomSocial
    • etc, etc, etc!
  • Admins can:
    • Migrate from Jomsocial's albums/photos/comments
    • Set number of albums per user
    • Set number of photos per user
    • Allow/Disallow discussions and comments
    • Set to display username, or name
    • Set a default permission level
    • Delete users' photos
    • Receive emails notifying of a photo being flagged
    • etc, etc, etc!

Many of the details are difficult to describe. Potential customers are encouraged to try the live demo (requires registration) before purchase.

Do your users a favor, and get J!Photos !


J!Photos is an open-sourced product with the following requirements:

Joomla!1.5+, PHP5.2+, MySQL4+, cURL Library


J!Photos will work as stand-alone but also supports and integrates with Community Builder & JomSocial!

FrontEnd Languages:

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!


License: J!Photos comes with a LGPL license! Yes, we charge only for support and upgrades on each site J!Photos is installed. You may install J!Photos on as many sites as you like!


Download now for only 49.- EURO!!!

Please choose wisely. Purchasing the product without support & upgrades subscription may not be ideal, in case you want to upgrade to a newer version in the future, or require assistance from our support team! Make sure you don't end up paying twice, one for the product now, and one for support & upgrades later. Keep in mind, we do not issue refunds on such issues.

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