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J!Places PRO


J!Places is a highly configurable Google Maps Location Manager, and is used to give the ability to your users to:
  • create Google Map Locations (places),
  • check-in to places,
  • upload location photos,
  • upload location videos,
  • comment on photos, and videos,
  • discuss on discussion boards of locations,
  • and write on location walls!

J!Places provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create Google Map locations, check-in to locations in their area, socialize with other users, and generate content that is unique to their location(s).

J!Places features:

  • frontend Google Maps Location adding, with:
    • automatic recognition of user location!
    • marker drag & drop support!
    • geo-location support!
    • AJAXed location marking while location address fields are edited!
  • a News section for each location,
  • unlimited location categories and sub-categories,
  • location discussion boards with WYSIWYG options,
  • location walls for chatting,
  • location admins and officers,
  • compatibility with SuperMessenger and UddeIM PMS systems,
  • integration with Community Builder,  
  • integration with JomSocial,
  • an All-Around module,
  • a Google Map plugin,
  • a Google Map module,
  • integration with Joomla core search plugin,
  • integration with AXXIS Sharing,
  • integration with AXXIS Simple Rating and Reviews.
  • Automatic Integration with SuperEvents
    • all places can be used as event Venues
  • Automatic Integration with SuperWall
    • check-ins will be announced and
    • link to check-in
  • Automatic Integration with SuperActivity
    • all activities will be announced and
    • link to check-in
  • Automatic Integration with What's On Your Mind PRO
    • link to check-in
that enhance the J!Places user experience.

It comes packed with extra features, such as:

  • location templating,
  • invitations,
  • live comments,
  • location walls,
  • discussion topics and replies,
  • 3 types of locations(public, private, secret),
  • plus lots more!

Each Google Maps Location includes (optional):

  • HTML descriptions,
  • News section,
  • Location Address,
  • Telephone,
  • Website,
  • Photo Gallery,
  • Video Gallery,
  • Social Wall.

J!Places with J!Places Unlimited Fields enabled will also give you the option to add unlimited fields (radio buttons, check-boxes, select lists, text and textarea inputs) to the place-creation page, to define your places any way you want!

Some Rules:

  • Check-Ins last for one hour
  • Users cannot check-in randomly to places. They can only check-in to nearby places to where they are. Just like in Facebook.
  • Once checked-in to a place users have access to all place-sections, except invitations. To invite other people, users have to be at the place (checked-in within an hour).
  • Place Owner, Admins, and Officers can invite people anytime!

Advanced ACL:
You can have private Places, where a check-in must be approved by a place-administrator. Once a user check-in has been approved, future check-ins to this place by the same user do not need to be approved again.
You can also have secret Places! This places appear ONLY to users who were invited to them!
Users who were invited to a place, can immediate check-in! No admin-approval needed.

Difference between Place Name and Location Field:
Each Place (Google Maps Location) holds a "Location" field. Why is that? Here is the difference:
A Name identifies the place, eg. Mall's Shop.
A Location identifies the location of the place, eg. The Mall.
Understandably, a location like a mall, can hold many different shops inside, shops who are actually located on the same location, but have different names!
This is the most simple explanation that can be given to this, however this can be functional in many situations.

NOTICE: If you are using J!Places to add venues to SuperEvents, please keep in mind that the name of the place is NOT being taken into account! The "Location" field is being stored as the name of the venue. This is to maintain compatibility between the components.

NOTICE: Please notice that on desktop computers and laptops, Google may get your location wrong, because your ISP is transmitting wrong geolocation data. This is not the case on mobile devices (smartphones, iPhones, PDAs, etc.), where the geolocation is being transmitted correctly.

J!Places is a stand-alone application but it also provides total integration with the following Joomla! components (if they are present on your site):

J!Places is the complete Joomla Google Maps Location system! It is great for any social networking type of site.

J!Places sports a clean design that will blend in with any template structure and allows for easy customization using CSS.

With different security settings for locations, location descriptions, news and images, location photo galleries, location video galleries, AJAX discussion areas, and AJAX wall features!


Invite your friends and all comers to your public place, or closely investigate the approval of attendance to your private or secret place!

Be it a secret gathering place, or an open-air stadium of Olympic proportions, you can mark them now all on Google Maps, upload photos and videos of them, and watch how other users are checking in to your popular places!

J!Places comes with a single-domain license.   


Download now for only 49.- EURO!!!

J!Places is an open-sourced product with the following requirements:

Joomla!1.5, Super Messenger (optional), PHP5.2+, MySQL4+, cURL Library


J!Places will work as stand-alone but also supports and integrates with Community Builder & JomSocial!

FrontEnd languages:

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!

Customer Feedback:
"It's an amazing component, very good job!" - Mathieu,


Please choose wisely. Purchasing the product without support & upgrades subscription may not be ideal, in case you want to upgrade to a newer version in the future, or require assistance from our support team! Make sure you don't end up paying twice, one for the product now, and one for support & upgrades later. Keep in mind, we do not issue refunds on such issues.

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J!Places tries to HTML5 geolocate for 5 seconds, and if this fails, falls back to IP-based geolocation, by using one of the provided methods: WipMania, IPinfoDB, and YQL/Flickr.

IP-based geolocation gives correct results, at least on a city-level, if your Internet Provider maps IP addresses correctly.

HTML5 geolocation is available on all mobile devices, and J!Places should geolocate you exactly where you are! This has been tested on iPhones, Android phones, and Windows 7 phones. You can test that on our demo site

If HTML5 geolocation is not available (as it is the norm on desktop devices), J!Places falls back to IP-based geolocation, which is actually dependent on your Internet Provider.

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