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Super Events

Social Event Management

Make your site an event heaven

Super Events provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create events, join together with other users and generate content that is unique to their event(s).


Use one component for all your event needs

Super Events follows the concept of Super Groups, and is used to give the ability to your users to:

  • create events,
  • join events,
  • sell event tickets.
  • upload event photos,
  • upload event videos,
  • upload live video-broadcasts (with the AXXIS Livestream plugin),
  • upload event files,
  • comment on photos, videos, and files,
  • download files,
  • discuss on discussion boards,
  • and write on event walls!


Fully customizable and always open source

Super Events features:


Integrates with your current components

Super Events is a stand-alone application but it also provides total integration with the following Joomla! components (if they are present on your site):


Repetition options which cover all possible scenarios

Your users can create repetitive events, every possible way.

RSVP Options

Yes, No, or Maybe?

Check who is willing to go to your events, and who declined attendance, with our handy RSVP options.

All Options

Give your event-organizers all options they will ever need

Super Events allows your event-organizers to set all options on the event cration/editing page.

And with the help of the Super Events Unlimited Fields plugin, you can set unlimited options for your event creation page!


Sell event tickets online like a PRO!

Super Events comes with a complete e-ticketing system to allow you to sell any kinds of tickets you want directly on your site!

Unlimited types of tickets are allowed for each event, with the option to set (or not) an availability amount for each ticket type.


Mutual Agreement

Set everything clear

You can create your own Mutual Agreement to be accepted by your event organizers.



Send personal stylized e-Tickets

And you can stylize the e-Ticket sent to the attendees any way you want, with the help of your familiar Joomla! HTML editor!


Control Panel

Administer everything

Our administration control panel covers all your administrative needs, with a clean and easy to use interface.


A complete Joomla! events system

Super Events is great for any social networking type of site.

It comes with many CSS templates that will blend in with your template structure and allows for easy customization using css.

Create events with different security settings, event descriptions, news and images, event photo galleries, event video galleries, event file repositories, AJAX discussion areas and AJAX wall features!

Invite your friends and all comers to your open event, or closely scrutinise the approval of attendance to your private event.

Be it a secret party, or an event in celebration of a popular DJ. From a private music festival enabling a truly global event to share files, create and organise, to an open wide festival of fun with a free for all scene of mayhem, SuperEvents gives you your own personally definable Joomla! event component, to do with as you will!

List of features

FrontEnd Languages:

  • and Czech.

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!

Customer Feedback:

We love the components from Axxis! They really add alot to community websites. Their support is the best we have experienced..can't thank them enough!!! Keep the great components coming.


Joomla!1.5, Super Messenger (optional), PHP5.2+, MySQL4+, cURL Library


Super Events comes with a single-domain license.

GET IT NOW FOR ONLY 59.- euro!


Please choose wisely. Purchasing the product without support & upgrades subscription may not be ideal, in case you want to upgrade to a newer version in the future, or require assistance from our support team! Make sure you don't end up paying twice, one for the product now, and one for support & upgrades later. Keep in mind, we do not issue refunds on such issues.

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Rate and review
Clinton Douglas25 January 2012

Warren13 April 2012

I can honestly say that I am not a regular reviewer, in fact I think this would only be the second review I have ever been inspired to write.

I have given 5 stars to Super Events not only for the product but the support. The team at Axxis solved an install issue way out of regular support hours to assist and the solution was in fact a copy and paste error from my end.

Seriously top level support.

With regards to the Super Events component, if you are genuinely interested in a professional solution (that also integrates amazingly with Jomsocial) then BUY THIS NOW.

One of the most impressive features is that you are able to remit the payments (less your commission) back to the event organizers individually and not need to rely on Paypals mass pay option which costs per transaction. If you only charge a small % commission, then this is a must buy for you.

I cannot say thank you enough to Axxis for the help.

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Thank you.

All products support a number of languages with language files. It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want.

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While we can’t believe why you would not be absolutely delighted with this product, we do offer a 14-day, money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind. Please read our Refund Policy carefully before you purchase.