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Super Groups


SuperGroups is a social networking component that creates Groups for the Joomla! CMS.

SuperGroups provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create groups, join together with other users and generate content that is unique to their Group(s).

SuperGroups features:

  • HTML descriptions,
  • a News section for each group,
  • News articles & News archive,
  • unlimited categories and sub-categories,
  • discussion boards with WYSIWYG options,
  • different types of groups & group members,
  • compatibility with SuperMessenger and UddeIM PMS systems,
  • integration with Community Builder,
  • integration with JomSocial,
  • and an All-Around module,

that enhance the SuperGroups user experience.

It comes packed with extra features, such as:

  • group templating,
  • invitations,
  • live comments,
  • group walls,
  • discussion replies,
  • photo group-albums,
  • video group-albums,
  • file repositories,
  • 3 types of groups (public, private, secret),
  • plus lots more!

SuperGroups is a stand-alone application but it also provides total integration with the following Joomla! components (if they are present on your site):

SuperGroups is the complete Joomla groups system! It is great for any social networking type of site.


SuperGroups sports a clean design that will blend in with any template structure and allows for easy customization using css. With different security settings for groups, group description, news and images, group photo albums, group file repositories, ajax discussion areas and ajax wall features!


Invite your friends and all comers to your open group, or closely scrutinise the approval of membership in your private access only creation. Be it a secret party organising committee, or a group in celebration of a popular DJ. From a private collaborative music group enabling a truly global band to share files create and organise, to an open wide festival of fun with a free for all scene of mayhem.


SuperGroups gives you your own personally definable area to do with as you will!


Download now for only 49.- EURO!!!


SuperGroups is an open-sourced product with the following requirements:

Joomla!1.5, Super Messenger (optional), PHP5.2+, MySQL4+, cURL library


SuperGroups will work as stand-alone but also supports and integrates with Community Builder & JomSocial!


SuperGroups (commercial version) comes with a single-domain license.

Compare the features to decide what's best for you.

FrontEnd languages:

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!

Customer Feedback:
"As a happy Axxis customer I got that extension as well. Integration in our site worked perfectly fine, we encountered a small issue - which had to do with our own site. Asking support worked perfectly fine as well by using their ticket system. Answers were quick and friendly. The component itself looks great and really pimps up a CB Site. We got the commercial product and can highly recommend it, as it is worth the price. Keep up the excellent work Axxis!"

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* You can also see our Knowledge Base as a demonstration of SuperGroups; it is a modified version of SuperGroups. This also clearly shows how versatile SuperGroups is.

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Rate and review
NTD29 August 2011

A great extension :
It is well conceived (read: fits perfectly today market expectations for social sites group management, and supports a wide range of specific requirements possibilities), well coded (read: easy to adjust template), and the support is just… unbelievable : I got 5 answers in a row, each efficient, constructive, competent, friendly, and I got each answer in less than 2 opened hours, Axxis Support should be modeled by others.
Definitively WAY more worth than charged for !
It plugs perfectly with Community Builder, translates with user preferences, and gives a great look an functionality to this part of the site. Development team and site beta testers agree that Supergroups rocks.
I know I paid for, but thank to Axxis for the qualitgy and overdelivering.
If you are ok to try some paying product that will bring a lot to your site, buy this one !

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