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User Video Galleries

Social Video Sharing

Video share-away!

User Video Galleries is a social networking component that creates Video Channels for the Joomla! CMS.

User Video Galleries provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create video channels, join together with other users and generate content that is unique to their Channel(s).


Fully customizable and always open source

User Video Galleries features:

  • HTML descriptions,
  • a News section for each channel,
  • unlimited categories and sub-categories,
  • discussion boards with WYSIWYG options,
  • different types of channels & channel subscribers,
  • 5 plugins for Community Builder,
  • a plugin for JomSocial,
  • an All-Around module,
  • channel templating,
  • invitations,
  • live comments,
  • channel walls,
  • discussion replies,
  • 3 types of channels(public, private, secret),
  • plus lots more!


Integrates with your current components

User Video Galleries is a stand-alone application but it also provides total integration with the following Joomla! components (if they are present on your site):

Social Networking

Turn your network into a video community

User Video Galleries is the complete Joomla video-channel system! It is great for any social networking type of site, especially for youtube-like, vimeo-like, etc. sites, which are heavilly centered around user's videos.


For the first time:

  • Each user gallery is actually a channel
  • Each user can have unlimited channels
  • Each channel comes with its own description and recent news
  • Each channel comes with its own wall and discussion board
  • Channels are categorized
  • Unlimited Category structure 
  • Each channel can be public, private, or secret
  • Channels can create related events *
  • Channel owners can decide whether all subscribers can add videos, or only channel admins
  • Videos can be added to "Favorites"
  • Videos can be shared directly on 33 popular social-networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace
  • Facebook "Like", "Tweet" button, and "Buzz" functionality embedded for all videos
  • Videos can be rated
  • Videos can be commented on using live AJAX comments

Enjoy unique features that don't exist anywhere else, not even on big names such as YouTube!

All Screens

Look your best on every device, every time

User Video Galleries automatically selects the optimal features for a user's device and browser, so your video is guaranteed to look its best in every situation.

That means on smartphones and tablets, HTML5 perfectly resizes your video, without you having to do a thing.

On desktop browsers, both HTML5 and Flash are at your disposal for the optimal playback experience.

Video Channels

So why channels?

If you are a user of User Video Galleries' channels stucture, you can do the following:

  • Invite your friends and all comers to your open channel, or closely scrutinise the approval of subscribers.
  • Keep your channel secret, if you want to upload more personal videos, and invite only the people you want to share your videos with.
  • Share through your channel your latest news!
  • Have subscribers who will follow your channel (consider them as a fan-club), and if you want, they can add videos to your channel also!
  • Start a video competition. You can set-up the competition as a channel, where subscribers can post their videos, and users can rate them. At the end of the contest, the video with the higher rating wins!
  • For Artists: On your channel you can post your latest news, along with trailers, promos, and your latest videos! And the best of all the integration with SuperEvents* allows you to post even your tour dates and locations as stand-alone Events!
  • All your fans can subscribe to your channel, and it instantly turns into a fan page! Imagine bigger: if you were, eg. a recording label! You can have a different channel for each one of your artists!


Imagine the possibilities

  • An XXX site with different private channels, for eg. brunettes, blondes, etc.
  • A gamers site with different categories, and each channel dedicated to a game, showing trailers, gameplay, cheats, etc.

The possibilities are endless:

  • sports sites,
  • medical sites,
  • movie zines,
  • travel zines,
  • music sites,
  • fan zines,
  • and of course all social-networks of any kind!

The list is endless!


If you are planning to host a lot of uploaded videos, most probably you'll get in trouble with your host, because of the big amount of disk-space and bandwidth needed for them.
But this is nothing to be alarmed about, User Video Galleries comes with the option of hosting your videos on Amazon S3, taking away the extra load off from your server!

FrontEnd Languages:

It's very easy to translate a language file to any language you want!

Customer Feedback:

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Joomla!1.5+, PHP5.2+, MySQL4+, cURL Library, FFMPEG


User Video Galleries comes with a single-domain license.

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