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Please read our Official Support Overview to help ensure your Complete Satisfaction.

AXXIS strives to deliver the best, unmatched support service on the web. Our professional support team consists of knowledgeable and highly proficient developers with years of experience in web development, the Joomla ecosystem, and social networking platforms. You are in excellent hands.

Since AXXIS depends on a fusion of server systems and setups, unique configurations, and any Third-Party products you may choose, it is imperative for us to explicitly define what issues are supported by our company, as well as what your responsibilities are, to create the best experience possible for you, our valued customer.

Support is delivered exclusively through our Dedicated Support Forum.

Got Pre-Sales Questions? Give our Frequently Asked Questions page a try.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our official support overview.



  • All the latest versions of our products are supported. Older releases are not supported.
  • Guidance for installation issues.
  • Assistance with available features and configurations.
  • Providing patches for valid bugs whenever possible.


  • Code/Scripting training. We do not commit to educating users with PHP/SQL/Javascript/CSS/XHTML skills or elaborating on functions within or outside of the product.
  • Modified AXXIS codes. We are not able to debug codes that are unfamiliar to us. In most cases, we will revert to the original code and check whether the issue persists.
  • Alpha, Beta, RC, and outdated releases. We only provide support for current and previous major versions of our products.
  • Core and template customizations. Feature request / template modification to suit your unique requirement has to be dealt with through a customization-contract based on an agreed fee.
  • Server, system, and Joomla setup. We are not responsible for providing and setting up your community server, configuring the system with required libraries and applications, or setting up Joomla CMS on your system.
  • Issues related to external libraries. Some parts of our products require FFMPEG (to convert video), GD2 (to process images), and other libraries to function. Issues relating to these libraries have to be fixed through your webhosting provider.
  • Issues related to external services. Retrieval of outside information and content, eg. youtube, is outside of our scope and control. The availability of such content is ultimately governed by policies and restrictions imposed by external service providers.
  • Third party Joomla SEF systems. Our products are designed to work flawlessly with native Joomla SEF system. 
  • Installation, configuration, or customization of Third-Party extensions.
  • Template issues due to Third-Party overrides and Joomla template clashes.
  • Clashes with other extensions and components.
  • Migration from localhost, different servers, or websites.
  • Integration with other extensions, platforms, or non-Joomla systems.

We really value feature requests and constructive critiques of existing features. For feature requests, please use our Uservoice area, to submit and vote on relevant features. This would allow us to prioritize your requests in an orderly fashion.

Your responsibility

  • Accessible website. Given the myriad of possible web configuration and server settings, we absolutely require your website to be accessible for us to directly inspect its condition. A temporary Super Administrator access and FTP information are required to assist us in troubleshooting your site with ease. No information will be shared with Third-Parties, but are stored for future references. From time to time, we will purge this information for additional security.
  • Joomla is in normal working condition. We expect your Joomla website to be in normal and acceptable working condition prior to acquiring support service. We do not commit to repairing a damaged or misconfigured Joomla website. It is within our means to decline support should the website be in bad operating condition or does not follow regular Joomla standards.
  • Reproducible issues. Please provide a detailed description along with the steps required to reproduce your issue. It would allow us to quickly identify the cause and offer you a better, more timely response. Avoid using a vague description such as "My photo is missing, please help." Always elaborate and provide us with screenshots, if possible, to help us visualize your issue.
  • Complete Data Backup. You are required to maintain an up-to-date backup of your web files and database at all times. While we abide by a strict operation procedure, we cannot guarantee that modified AXXIS core files or unique customizations will remain intact. Please ensure that the website has a recent and usable backup. 

Subscription and Support Details

  • Support is provided exclusively in English.
  • Support is delivered exclusively through our Support Forum. We do not provide real-time support via instant messaging systems such as Skype.
  • Official support is provided from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00 UTC +2. International and Greek national holidays are excluded.
  • We are not obligated to provide support service for expired subscriptions or beyond the subscription end of term as indicated in your Customer Support area. Continuation of support may be obtained by renewing the subscription. Download of your subscribed version is only available during the term of active subscription. You will no longer be able to download once your subscription has expired.
  • Our products are designed and tested for the latest version of Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. No guarantee is provided that the current versions of our products will work on future versions of Joomla.



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